Images to music

Some Cover music

I found this site the other day. It will allow you to convert an image to music. One download option is a video, another is getting the MIDI.

I used to play a lot with Hypercard, the built in Quicktime controls, and the resulting MIDI – converting text strings to a melody – then futzing around in GarageBand.

So, looking for an IOS or Mac app one day to do such obscure conversions I stumbled on Melobytes and dropped in a convenient recent screenshot. I don’t know what the conversion is based on, what is selected, for instance, but I think you can hear some of the background texture and a rise in complexity in the middle. I rearranged the instruments in GarageBand and dragged out some of the notes. I don’t stick my toes into GarageBand very much and so find a lot of it’s usefulness hidden or named something I don’t understand. Like with Nomad and some 3D apps, I spend a lot of time puzzling at it.

Anyway. This is the new It’s a LondOntLife book of cartoons for 2020 at The LondOntLife Bookstore. Hoping to find a local printer. And I’ll be putting together the book of 2021 soon.

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