Suffering Storefronts!

Working on a storefront website

Yeah, I get it. My dashboard, landing page, account page whatever is littered with links to things you want to sell to me. I get it. You want to sell me stuff. I want to sell stuff too. But, WooCommerce? and WordPress? $400 US a year is more than twice what I’ll make if I walked door to door selling coal in a snowstorm. And Square… AAAARGH! Editing a website is tediously obtuse. And once you set up a storefront it is impossible to find it to edit it.
This morning I managed to find the LondOntLife Bookstore site and added some new items. Somehow years ago, I set up a another storefront. What account is it attached to? I don’t know. I can’t find out. I’ve only ever had one. I set up a second storefront for samupress books I can build and edit it. Do you think I can get to the edit of the LondOntLife Bookstore site? Somehow? Somewhere?
Which account am I logged into? “samupress”? The nickname “Samupress”? Why do I need a nickname? Why is this choice hidden in a popup menu? Why does everything look the same. Is that text or a link? Why when I double click something that looks like a subheading actually take me to the edit functions for the storefront?
Every once in a while, once a month or so I decide to try again to dig into Square. Or is this SquareSpace? Who can tell? I spend the day, dammit, yes, a day back and forth trying different things to try to find the damn link that will give me access to the other storefront website. Is it in my account? Log out login. No. I have only one account. In frustration I give up and vow to tear the whole thing down. If I could find it.
A marketer got in touch from Square. A real person. I explained that marketing couldn’t help me because I couldn’t get to the site to edit anything. The interface is curiously difficult. Suggesting I try Help – like I haven’t scoured the forum with various text string already… and I just do not like to talk in frustration and anger to someone on the phone. And really I can’t articulate the question. I don’t know what page I’m on or what the previous one was, or where the next click will take me.
So again, after half-a-dozen tries over half-a-dozen months – even last month bookmarking every essential page I did manage to hit – and now the bookmarks don’t link. Like the URL moves to whatever the most recent was.
At this point I cannot understand how the designers overlooked providing a simple link from the dashboard account page to the storefront sites connected to the account. I can’t even phrase the question in a way Search Engines can find an answer. Like there isn’t one. Anywhere.

Later: Making a bold and dangerous decison, I clicked madly again through a range of text and links and, oh, dare I? I found a little Gear button ! … a Delete This Site button. Dire warnings abound. Bang! samupress Books unfinished barely started crap is gone…. what happens when I click that Edit Site link now. OMG. it’s back.

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