Drawing London’s overlooked birds

I don’t bother much with the video export out of Procreate, but this cartoon is a bit of fun to watch being drawn. Sometimes I do dive in and draw directly on the iPad. This isn’t so challenging as drawing directly on paper with non-scrubbable tools. I suppose that is what whiteout and white paints are for. Some of those small tweaks and erasures disappear with the rapidity of this recording playback.

I suppose, in the Ancient Hand-Drawn Ages, each would have been in pencil on separate pieces of paper, scanned and then with some gamma-shifting and curves-boosting for instant inking… arranged in some image compositing app… lettering dropped in… grab the drawing tablet… paint some tones…

One of the things this video demonstrates is a rare skill: Not drawing right away. Been thinking about such a topic cartoon for days. so that it seems to fall narratively in place, even drawn sequentially… falls out of a dozen thought scraps left to settle in order by themselves.

From June 23 at Samupress from the cartoon at Londontlife

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